application blacklist

You must adhere to the application blacklist

This open source program is a program registered in San Francisco, USA. It is developed and maintained by experienced IT professionals. It is dedicated to helping you do better marketing and promotion. Anyone can build this program for building git or operating.

But if the industry or application you do involves the following blacklist (including the service and the person being served), we end our service for you at any time.

  • Drug trafficking

  • Privacy theft

  • Bloody events

  • COVID-19

  • Infringement of intellectual property rights(

  • Fraud and fraud (including fraud in the name of online loans or gambling)

  • Countries sanctioned by the United States (such as North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Somalia, etc.)Detailed countres list

  • Political discussion (only for non-free speech countries)

  • Obscenity (Mainland China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela)

  • Gambling (Mainland China)

  • We have suffered losses due to violations of US laws

  • You have not complied with the laws of your country

  • Due to the special laws and policies of the Chinese government, we cannot ensure stable services for China



  • 贩卖毒品

  • 盗窃隐私

  • 血腥事件

  • COVID-19

  • 侵犯知识产权(如bt)

  • 诈骗和欺诈(以网贷或博彩名义进行欺诈包含在内)

  • 被美国制裁的国家(如北朝鲜、古巴、委内瑞拉、伊朗、索马里等等)详细国家名单

  • 政治讨论(仅仅针对非言论自由的国家)

  • 涉黄(中国大陆、北朝鲜、古巴、委内瑞拉)

  • 博彩(中国大陆)

  • 因违反美国的法律,导致Phoenix遭受损失

  • 经营者没有遵守所在国家法律的

  • 作弊